amagansett fine arts and crafts

amagansett fine arts and crafts

These are the exhibitors from the 2012 Amagansett Fine Arts & Crafts Festival. The list of exhibitors for the 2013 event will be posted after the application and jury process has been completed.

Eduardo Accostupa My passion is the essence of this company. I have been very fortunate to be able to bring elements of my Peruvian heritage to the United States. It is through my silver designs that I am able to fuse these two cultures.
Jeffrey Balaschak
Charlotte Besaw HandCandy Mittens is the brainchild of Charlotte Besaw, born out of necessity, as most good things are. Made from upcycled sweaters, and lined with new polar fleece, these mittens, hats, scarves and other exciting and fashionable accessories are warm, cozy, colorful and fun.



Fred Brandes is a diversified artist and craftsman. His work includes hieroglyphic shell composites, mandalas, furniture with shell collections and collectibles, and hand cut shell jewelry.

Brandes combines his woodworking skills, the art of shell cutting and the aesthetic sense of a National Endowment for the Arts recipient. His art is included in the collections of Marathon Oil, Continental Group, Citicorp, Chase and Prudential. His work can be found in numerous private homes across the USA.


Regine Chernauskas The design is developed by moving and rearranging pieces until satisfaction is achieved. The work is done directly upon a plywood base and is one-of-a-kind. This creatively intense process is the most time consuming stage of the entire procedure. Depending upon the size of the piece, several hours to several days are spent creating the design.


John Furbee Cape Coral, Florida based photographer, uses a Canon camera with wide angle and telephoto lense, printed on aluminum and canvas.


Thomas Greene III Focusing on large-scale paintings of nudes, portraits, and landscapes Thomas began to focus on non local color, infusing color theory and optical illusionary combinations with realism. Soon spontaneity  overcame rigid traditionalism, in which expressionism began to take root.


Yongqun Guo is a self-taught artist, and developed a strong passion for art since her earliest yars. While she worked in other fields, she always maintained her passion and creative zeal for painting. A challenging and varied life had made Yongqun the artist she is today. Yongqun's work is collected by discerning art lovers around the world, attracted by her fiery passion, originality and intense eye for detail.


Teresa Haag: My work represents places that I have been, sketched, and photographed to capture the tiny details and nuances that are so important in the final piece. I work mostly in oil and start with very thin washes and constantly move and mold the paint until it feels right. Some of my work is complete in a few weeks while other paintings take up to a year for me to be at peace with. I just have to let the process happen, unforced.

Mary Marino Style is more that the clothes on our backs; it’s who we are and how we live our lives, and it should be the best we can fashion for ourselves.

Nemo Niemann has worked as a professional photographer since graduating from college with a major in History and Art. Deciding against architectural graduate school, he turned to photography and shot photojournalism and sports for four years, honing his reportage and action skills. He met his photography partner, Samantha Swann, and formed a successful fashion studio under the banner of Swann/Niemann. Since 1994, Nemo has worked on his own, shooting fashion and lifestyle for numerous catalog, advertising and editorial clients around the globe.


David Oleski has found a voice in his version of an intense scrutiny of the world around him. Following in the footsteps of the 19th century Impressionists, he continues to explore increasingly fragmented views of simple still lifes. He captures a sense of rhythm and atmosphere with sophisticated colors, and thick and deliberate brushwork.


An accomplished wildlife artist, Steve Oliver is proficient in several mediums and techniques, including acrylics, ink and colored pencils. Specializing in North American birds and mammals, his compositions typically are colorful, moody, atmospheric and accurate, while capturing the character of each subject and the habitat that surrounds them.



James Whitbeck I have a passion for the art and history of Renaissance and Baroque Europe, and I knew exactly the style and manor in which I wanted to paint. To recreate, in my way, the elegance, the mood, the spirit of the painters of old, this is my goal. Having grown up encouraged to draw and be creative, I did not feel the need to go to any school in order to find my way.

Knowing exactly in which direction I wanted to go, I just dove in and started painting. Reading about technique, studying closely the old masters, talking with other artists and putting much time in front of the easel was my learning ! If you have a passion for something and a determination to go with it , you can make it happen.


Zu Sheng Yu was born in Hu Bei Province, in China, and graduated from GuangZhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1987. In 1992 he immigrated to the United States, and he currently lives and paints in Long Island, New York with his family.

Bernard Zalon I don't believe in artists's statements.  I think the work should speak for itself.  However, sometimes I get ideas and illustrate them, sometimes I see things and draw them.  Other times it's a combination of the two.



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